Asai Katsuo

From Circle Of The Crone

Player Name - Christian 'Luke' Luetkemeyer

Name - Asai Katsuo

Clan - Mekhet (Status 1)

Location - Nippon Empire (Japan)

Known Information

Asai Katsuo has been known to kill in the service of the Shogun of the Nippon Empire, an Invictus. In August of 2005, after the death of the former Daimyo, he took the chance to destroy Lord Oda Nobunaga, an Acolyte, in revenge for his actions against the Asai clan and against the Ways of Bushido which ultimately lead to the Asai Clans destruction. In January of 2006 he petitioned to join the Acolytes to pay for his crime against Oda. Though there was some debate as to his suitability and his motives for this it seems to be a settled issue that he was honorable in the matter and will hold up the honor of the Circle of the Crone in the East.

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